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Local SEO is important for offline businesses especially. Thousands of people search for local businesses every month. Question is - Is your website ranked at the top when people type in those keyphrases? Or perhaps your competitors are? How much potential business are you missing out on? At Local SEO Singapore, we offer guaranteed, affordable and the best local seo services in Singapore. Our Local SEO Packages start from as low as $150 Per Month. We are very confident that our Local SEO Services Team will deliver to you the Best Local SEO Results.

Our Local SEO Services Package Includes:

Initial SEO Audit
Google Maps Listings & Verification of your Local Business Address
Local SEO Market Research
SEO Competitor Analysis using Advanced SEO Tools
Local SEO Keyword Analysis - Which are the best keywords for your business?
Uploading Your Company's Local Info for Google Listings
On Page SEO Optimization For your Website


1. Determine Your Target Audience/Market

Firstly, we get to know your potential customers with questions such as:

-          What sex/age group are you selling your products or services to?

-          Which search engines do they usually use?

-          What is their online behaviour generally like?

-          How often do they conduct online transactions?

-          How influenced are they by online reviews and opinions?

2. Pick The Right Keywords

Once we’ve determined what your target audience is like, we then figure out what keywords or phrases they might use to search for what you have to offer online. We choose the ones that match your business best and appeal to them/meet their needs the most so as to maximise your sales conversion opportunities.

3. Improve Your Website’s Page Titles

Search engine optimised page titles have to be unique and as brief as possible yet, at the same time, market your products or services in the most attractive way to potential customers. We also include keywords and your city/location to enhance your URL’s relevance to locals.

4. Improve Your Website Pages

Steps will then be taken to ensure that the content of your website is search engine friendly, so we may add a few internal links within your website, ensure that your address/phone number is displayed on every page or help you start a blog so as to improve your online visibility.

5. Error-Proof Your Website

Not only do errors annoy your potential customers, but certain technical issues also prevent your website from ranking at the top of search results. We check for and iron out these issues thoroughly.

6. Put Your Website Out There

Getting links into your website from external sources is fundamental in achieving effective SEO. We will upload and update all your business information on high-traffic yellow pages-like websites and applicable online business communities to boost your sales lead generation.

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